Cloud-based Accounting·ERP Software multibook

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Accounting Firm of each country - Enter journal document, monthly closing, Prepare for tax documents, Client HQ & branch - Inquire FS & document detail

Features of Accounting Firm Model

  • Allows accounting firm’s bookkeeping staff to enter documents in multibook environment of multiple client companies.
  • Compared to regular multibook, the basic fee is less and the price system is based on the number of client companies.

Merits for Accounting Firm

  • Financial statements in Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Myanmar, and Chinese (Traditional) can be output in real time. It eliminates the processing work after monthly closing.
  • By granting the inquiry user to client companies, the sending of Excel by emails becomes unnecessary.
  • Using the scan capture function makes it easy to exchange vouchers and enter data. It is also possible to input scan data on behalf of our BPO Center (subcontract).
  • When a client company starts accounting on its own, if it adopts multibook, you can receive 20% of the monthly usage fee as a commission as an agency. (A separate agency contract is required)

Merits for Client Company

  • Real-time information sharing and financial statement output at HQ and branch offices are possible on the WEB.
  • Document details and vouchers (attached data) can be referenced using the inquiry user.
  • If you continue to use multibook when you start accounting at your company, you do not need to transfer past data and you can keep all the details.

Functional Overview

  • There is a designated login screen for accounting firm.
  • By providing a designated login screen and making it possible to select client companies, it is possible to record multiple client companies with one user ID and prevent mistakes in the bookkeeping.
Dedicated Login Screen, Choose Client Company, Dedicated screen with client's name & logo, Assign accounting firm staff to each client

Scan capture function

  • To enable accounting firm, shared services and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to enter journal documents at remote locations, system will automatically create suspense journal when the scanned receipts/invoices are uploaded.
  • Aim is to automate journal entry by AI function in the future.
Scan receipts/invoices and upload PDF data to multibook, Automatically create suspense journal Enter journal document by referring PDF data, After approval, post accounting document (Attach PDF to each accounting document)

Compare multibook with local software and western cloud based software

Local software Western cloud based software
Function Overall function Not only the accounting function but also the logistics function can be used. Therefor the operation such as the logistics operation is done by the client user and the accounting office only conduct the bookkeeping is also possible
Support the most languages among Japanese ERP (Supporting 10 languages) × Mostly only support local language & English × Mostly only support English
Usage Accounting firm staff does not need to manage user IDs and passwords for each client company Familiar to local staff Operation in English management of user ID etc. is required for each client company
Error Prevention It is possible to set assigned client for each accounting firm staff, and the staff chooses client company when they login, it is possible to prevent mistakes in posting to another client by mistake Do not have a specific function Do not have a specific function
Management Function Inquiry of accounting office staff and document processing status for each client company is possible × Do not have a specific function × Do not have a specific function
Communication with clients Available in 10 languages in real time from anywhere in the world
It also has a translation function for document description, so you can check everything in login language
× Do not have a specific function × Do not have a specific function
Expandability Clients can continue to use multibooks after shifting to in-house accounting
Accounting firms can also provide remote accounting support services
Cost $30/month for each client
Overall multibook is the best fit as accounting firm bookkeeping software from any viewpoint of communication with customers, management of bookkeeping progress and business after bookkeeping service Ideal for local companies, but not suitable for companies that have HQ in other country in terms of internal control and visualization Matches companies that only need financial statements