Cloud-based Accounting·ERP Software multibook

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Point1 Low Cost

  • Running cost starts from 300 USD for 3 users (additional fee for number of user & journal documents)

Point2 Cloud based (SaaS) Service

  • Only requires Wi-Fi, OpenVPN and Web browser (Google Chrome) to access from all over the world

Point3 multi-language, multi-currency, multi-ledger

  • can operate in both local language and HQ language
  • Support in 10 languages (Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish and Traditional Chinese)
  • can post journal with currency from all countries of the world
  • Support to adjust accounting standards of between local office and HQ

Point4 Full business system functions

  • Have Accounting, Logistics (Inventory, Sales and Purchase Management), Fixed Asset, Leased Asset and Expense Reimbursement functions
  • More than 100 companies have implemented (50% is listed company)

Point5 Available in all over the world

  • Available in all over the world such as Japan, Thai, Philippine, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, America and Europe

Point6 Internal Control and business management functions from HQ perspective

  • Compare all the branches side by side with Group Financial Statement Functions
  • Additional comment and file are attachable on each detail (ex. Sales & Expense) of FS
  • Approval function for journal document and FS
  • Translate description into log in language
  • Confirm all the information in HQ language and avoid fraud

Point7 Support accounting & tax requirement of various countries

  • Support mandatory accounting and tax requirement (ex. PP30 and PND53 in Thai)

Point8 multibook is also the best bookkeeping software for accounting firm

  • Create suspense journal with PDF of a voucher automatically by scanning it (No more mailing of voucher / Distribute bookkeeping workload)
  • A client company (Local office & HQ) can directly confirm FS and journal document
  • Visualize status of bookkeeping by client company

Point9 Remote Work with abroad

  • All implementation can be done with e-mail and teleconference
  • HQ accountant and manager can remotely grasp business situation real time and strength internal control without physically visiting oversea branches