Cloud-Based Accounting/ERP software ideal for managing overseas subsidiaries

Solving any kind of the
problems about
management of overseas

Cloud-Based Accounting/ERP software
ideal for managing overseas subsidiaries

300+ Clients in 30+ Countries

Do you have any of these issues
about the management of overseas subsidiaries?

  • Different systems for different locations, making data aggregation difficult

  • Concerns about fraud

  • Need to close earlier, but no solution can be found.

  • Responding to headquarter reports makes it difficult for Overseas representatives from HQ to concentrate on their operation

  • Reporting is slow and it takes long time to grasp overall business status

  • Can’t afford expensive IT investment

multibook can solve the problems
faced by headquarter and overseas subsidiaries

  • Centralized management of information for every subsidiary and operation

  • Prevent fraud by approval function and authority restriction

  • Real-time ERP, unified account Structure of G/L Account with group chart of accounts, and consolidated closing function for closing earlier

  • Reduced reporting operations for overseas representatives from HQ with extensive reporting capabilities, real-time reference from headquarter

  • Multilanguage support, group financial statement comparison and Management Cockpit function
    for real-time business status monitoring

  • No need for IT personnel or servers
    Low monthly fees
    Available from a minimum of 600 USD

Please request a demonstration
if you would like to know more about multibook’s functions
and what can be achieved by multibook.

Currently used by more than 300 companies in
30 countries around the world

multibook is a Cloud-Based Accounting/ERP software ideal for managing overseas offices.

  • Thailand

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • India

  • Myanmar

  • USA

  • Malaysia

  • The Netherland

  • Taiwan

  • Indonesia

  • Korea

  • Hong Kong

  • Kuwait

  • China

Customer Stories

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  • サトープレス工業
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6 Features of multibook

multibook is unique in that it specializes in management of overseas subsidiaries.


Easy to implement and operate even in small and medium-sized overseas subsidiaries since it is provided by the cloud(SaaS).

  • No IT personnel needed for implementing and maintenance.
    Low monthly fees will reduce costs.
  • Available at anytime in any location as long as you have the internet. Can share data in real time.
  • Can be implemented in two weeks at the earliest.

Access from anywhere in the world with just Wi-Fi, OpenVPN and a web browser


Support for multi-languages, multi-currencies, and multi-ledgers

  • Display in 11 languages
    Retain amount in transaction currency and company currency (currencies from around the world is available)
  • Local users can operate and inquire in the local language, while the headquater can in headquarter language.
  • Output financial statements in local & headquarter (for control and consolidated accounting) G/L account structure

* Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Myanmarese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional) (Simplified)

Support for 11 languages* and posting journal documents in various currencies Adjustment between accounting standards of headquarter and overseas subsidiaries is possible

* Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Myanmarese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional) (Simplified)


Centralized management of information of multiple subsidiaries.
Automatic journalizing from logistics and fixed asset to accounting

  • Centralized management of all the information of the group companies at overseas subsidiaries
  • Journal documents posted by logistics, fixed asset, and expense reimbursement are automatically journalized to accounting in real time, eliminating the need for double entry and ensuring greater operational efficiency.


Strengthening internal control and management from the perspective of the headquarter
Streamlining of consolidated closing operations is also possible

  • Can limit accessible functions according to user’s authority. Strengthen internal control through journal documents approval and financial statement approval.
  • Drill down from financial statements to individual Journal documents. Voucher can be attached to individual Journal documents, and description fields can be automatically translated (into login languages) to make everything visible.
  • Group financial statement function enables side-by-side comparison of each subsidiaries. Supplementary explanations and materials can be attached to each items line (sales and expenses) of PL/BS, so there is no need for separate email communication.
  • Streamline consolidated closing operations by linking with consolidated accounting systems (DIVA and BTrex)

Approval functions at the level of journal documents and financial statements, and the setting of usage authority for each function strengthen internal control.
Control accounting functions desired by the headquarter is available.


Meet accounting and taxation requirements in each country to the level of satisfaction of local subsidiaries

  • Meet country specification.
  • Can be used as a bookkeeping software for overseas subsidiaries.

Example of the specific functions of accounting and tax for each country

Example of Thailand requirements and support
Requirements multibook function
Withholding tax declaration support PND53 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
Withholding tax declaration support PND3 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
VAT Report FORM PP30
Invoice/Tax Invoice Invoice/Tax Invoice/OR
Billing Note
Credit/Debit Note
Official Receipt Print Receipt for Plural
Stock Card Stock Card
Example of Vietnam requirements and support
Requirements multibook function
Accounting Journal Documents Voucher for Vietnam Journal Voucher for
E-Invoice linkage function Electronic Invoice (Outbound)
Electronic Invoice (Inbound)
VAT Report FORM VAT Report
Example of US requirements and support
Requirements multibook function
Check Check for America
Example of European requirements and support
Requirements multibook function
Payment File for SEPA
Credit Transfer
Automatic Payment for
EC Sales List EC Sales List

A server available in Paris to comply with GDPR for use in the EU.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the support of other countries specifications and multibooks functions.


Linkage with other systems

  • Various linkage functions are available, including consolidated accounting system and production management system.
  • Currently, we are enhancing the integration function (we are accepting requests for integration with specific systems!)

Main Linkage Solution

Please contact us if you would like a detailed explanation of our linkage system.

Compairson between multibook and other ERPs

multibook Overseas Local Software European and American cloud software(for small bases)
Multilingual and multi-currency support Support for 11 languages and all currencies around the world Only available in a specific local language and English. Only English is available in many services
Functions Accounting, fixed asset, inventory, expense reimbursement, consolidated accounting linkage, etc. Production management is not available, but multibook accounting can be automatically linked to production management software. Mainly general ledger functions and taxation functions Mainly accounting function only
Country Specification Functions to meet Thailand, Vietnam, and various other Asian and European are being equipped & expanding Visualization solution for India Tally is also available. The software was developed specifically for a specific country, so it fully supports the specification of that one country. However, it does not support the specifications of other countries. Supports the specifications of Europe and the U.S., but not for the specifications of Asian countries.
Internal control Implemented authority settings, no modification of posted journal, password expiration control, etc. Various changes can be made to posted journal. Various changes can be made to posted journal.
Business management Real-time visualization of the status of overseas subsidiary through group financial statements and management cockpit functions Weak reporting function and difficult to visualize from oversea Accounting information only
Cost 700 USD per month (Including support fee :100 USD per month ) Purchase outright, approximately from 1,000 USD and above From about 30 USD/month
Suitable scale of the base Number of journal documents per month: Intended for use at subsidiaries with less than 10,000 slips per month. Number of journal documents per month: About 100 slips per subsidiaries Number of journal documents per month: About 100 slips per subsidiaries

Schedule for Using multibook

Can be implemented in 2 weeks at the earliest unlike large/medium ERP.
All implementations can be done remotely.
Proceeding with implementation with subsidiaries directly is also possible.

2 weeks at the earlies/標準1.5カ月

Please contact us if you need a detailed explanation of the implementation process or have what you need to confirm.

Implementation and Support Structure

All members are bilingual and have supported overseas expansion more than 20 years.
Multibook, experienced in implementation of SAP, supports management of overseas subsidiaries thoroughly.
There is a thorough support structure so that you can implement and operate multibook without any cocern.

  • Support by professionals in overseas business development who have rich experience in
    implementation of SAP

    • Professionals experienced in accounting, ERP and overseas business expansions enable the short-term and high-quality implementation.
    • All implementations can be done remotely.
  • Fulfilling Q&A support

    • Provide you with thorough Q&A support by partner companies and us.
    • Questions from both and overseas subsidiaries can be answered quickly in the local languages such as Japanese, English and Thai.
    • Inquiry about operation procedure by e-mail is free.
  • Optional Service

    • multibook provides optional support (taking care of master addition and additional operation training etc.) and accounting advisory service by partner companies.
      Please contact us for more information.

Thorough Security Measures

  • Data Backup

    To be prepared in case of an accident, we backup the data on a daily basis.

  • Against Unauthorized Access

    Block unauthorized access from outside by firewall.

  • Encrypted Communication

    Prevent the leak of information with encrypted communication using SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) in time of connecting server before it happens.

  • Replication

    Replicate data to other server in real time every time you update data for data protection and early recovery in the case of incident occur.

  • Database Encryption

    Encrypted data is saved to database.

  • Highly Reliable Data Center

    Adopt Amazon Web Service as the data center. AWS is a data center which has plenty of operational experiences in all over the world and achievements certified by a lot of third-party organizations.

Multibook’s History

Have been providing implementation of global ERP(SAP) for 20 years since the foundation

Founded in 2000 and have supported overseas expansion of Japanese companies through global ERP(SAP) since the foundation.

If it does not exist, we should make it ourselves

The development of multibook started when a client of a major company asked us to find ERP software suitable for small and medium-sized overseas subsidiaries.
Then, we looked ERP software that met the request. However, all we could find was ERP software for large-scale bases or low priced local softwares that lack important functions. We thought " if it does not exist, we should make it ourselves" and developed a Cloud-Based Accounting/ERP software,"multibook", for overseas subsidiaries in 2015 by making use of our expertise in system consulting in more than 30 countries and experience in offshore development in Philippines.

Founder of Multibook Co.Tadaaki Murayama

・1968 Born in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
・Graduated from the Faculty of Economics,Yokohama National University.
・1991 Joined Unilever Japan. Participated in the first SAP implementation project in Japan.
・Have experiences at a foreign-capital consulting firm and foreign consumer products company.
・October 2000
Founded Multibook (former company name is TD & Company) specialized in system consulting for global companies
Launched a self-developed cloud-based ERP software, "multibook".
Including an offshore center in Philippines, the company has seven overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.
・Favorite motto is " Business is like holding a bat short and hit a ball steadily."

Thoughts on the development
of multibook

For a low-cost and highly functional global ERP

Taking advantage of experiences in developing a lot of accounting systems, participating in SAP implementation project and working overseas, we are continuously enhancing multibook’s functions with the aim of realizing a highly functional global ERP service at a low price without compromises.

CPO of Multibook Co.Kazuo Fukui

Born in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
・Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Kwansei Gakuin University.
Joined Business Brain Showa-ota Inc. Had participated in an accounting system development project for 10 years.
Seconded to IBM business consulting service, IBM. Had participated in SAP implementation project for 10 years.
Joined Multibook(former company name is TD & Company) .Experienced in participating in SAP implementation project and CFO of a Philippine base. Become in charge of "multibook" business.


  • What are the advantages of multibook?

    ①Support by multi-language*, multi-currencies and each country specification.
    *Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese,Myanmarese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional)
    ②Equipped with various functions including fixed asset, IFRS 16 leased asset, logistics (sales & purchase order and inventory management, invoicing, etc.), and expense reimbursement in addition to accounting.
    ③Reasonable price
    ④After the system goes live, we offer optional services that take advantage of the features of the cloud, such as accounting partner services. we provide accounting consulting companies with multibook user IDs to provide remote consultation and advice on various accounting issues
    ⑤Authentic cloud service using AWS, which enables rapid expansion and evolution. It is not a fake cloud service with on-premise software on a cloud server.

  • What kind of companies use multibook?

    More than 300 Japanese companies use our service in their overseas subsidiaries in 30 countries. The range of our clients is from companies listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with sales of several trillion yen to small and medium-sized companies that are expanding their business overseas.Our customers come from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, trading, food and beverage industry, construction, and IT services.

  • What are the operations that are covered by multibook?

    It is equipped with accounting/fixed asset management/IFRS 16 leased asset management/logistics/expense reimbursement functions. Please request a broacher if you would like to see an overview of the system.

  • How do you handle the operation areas not covered by multibook?

    ①Production management
    Automatic API linkage to multibook accounting and linkage using the journal document general upload function are possible, and there is a track record of linkage.
    ②Consolidation Accounting
    Linkage function with major consolidated accounting software is available.
    Automatic API linkage to multibook sales orders and linkage using Excel Upload function for sales order document are available.

  • Is it possible for Multibook to proceed implementation with our overseas subsidiaries directly?

    Multibook or our partner's bilingual staff can implement directly. All implementations can be performed remotely, via email or web conference.

  • Is it possible to ask questions directly from overseas subsidiaries after the system goes live?

    Questions about multibook operation can be asked directly from your overseas subsidiaries to our support staff (free of charge). In addition to operation, we also offer an optional support service for taking care of additional master settings and consultation. Please contact us for details.

Please request a demonstration
if you would like to know more about multibook’s functions
and what can be achieved by multibook.