Thoroughly supporting overseas subsidiary management as
an ERP system and a visualization tool for entire groups

multibook — a cloud-based accounting and ERP service for mission-critical task management of overseas subsidiaries

400+ clients in 30+ countries!
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Fixed Asset
  • IFRS16 Leased Asset
  • Expense Reimbursement

Management Cockpit — keeps existing systems and visualizes all group bases

  • Performance
  • Analysis
  • Funds
  • Balance inquiry
  • Fraud detection
  • Exchange

multibook is utilized
by over 400 companies
in 30+ countries worldwide.

Are any of the following issues for overseas
subsidiary management relevant to you?

Japanese Headquarters Issues
  • Unfitting system investment

    Small and medium-sized bases use the same large-scale ERP as headquarters but are not utilizing it effectively; thus, reconsideration of system investment is necessary.

  • Difficulty with consolidated accounting — hands are full with reporting results and
    cannot focus on analysis

    Inconsistent payable and receivable balances between affiliated companies, rearrangement to consolidated accounts, and repeated inquiries to local sites hinder acceleration of consolidated accounting.

  • Increase of bookkeeping agency costs

    Bookkeeping agency costs are rising yearly as businesses grow and papers increase; thus, in-house accounting operation and cost reduction is necessary; however, there is concern regarding in-house-only operation.

  • Internal control reinforcement for the entire group including overseas subsidiaries is necessary for IPO; however, there has not been progress

    Reinforcement of internal control, including overseas subsidiaries, is necessary considering IPO; however, there is concern regarding the process.

Overseas Subsidiary Issues
  • Concern regarding dishonest practices

    Local staff operate businesses and systems in the local language, leaving many transaction details unclear. Moreover, there is no structure for detecting fraud; thus, dishonest practices could happen at any time.

  • Local software is not sufficient for management of foreign currencies, accounting, and reporting to headquarters

    Local software is utilized; however, there are dissatisfactions regarding internal control, headquarters report creation, Excel input and output, and multilingual and multi-currency support.

  • Management of information outside the system and dual input — resulting in inconsistent account books

    Entries are made for logistics and accounting for one transaction, resulting in dual input. Moreover, much information is managed outside the system, resulting in wasted time due to inconsistent account books and manual labor.

  • Lack of system staff for overseas subsidiaries

    System adoption is being considered; however, system staff for each overseas base cannot be arranged; thus, there is concern regarding operation and maintenance.

Cloud-based accounting and ERP service multibook is a strong ally for solving issues faced by both Japanese headquarters and overseas subsidiaries!

Japanese Headquarters solving issues
  • Optimization of system investments depending on base size

    Subsidiaries with significant sales will adopt the same large-scale ERP as the Japanese headquarters, while small and medium-sized bases will adopt multibook, realizing group business management with appropriate base size-dependent system investment!

  • No need for unnecessary manual labor — focus on analysis and accelerate consolidated accounting

    Business condition reports of bases can be generated as soon as bookkeeping is completed, allowing business management staff at headquarters to focus on analysis! Moreover, consolidated accounting processes will be optimized, improved, and accelerated!

  • Realize in-house accounting operation with ease starting from what is viable

    Realize in-house accounting operation with ease! Conduct daily bookkeeping while receiving reviews and advice from an accounting firm through cloud service multibook.

  • Strengthen governance of overseas subsidiaries with full internal-control support features

    Utilize multibook — equipped with internal control support features, authority management, and log management — to improve management of overseas subsidiaries to IPO standards!

Overseas Subsidiary solving issues
  • Building environments where fraud is unlikely to occur

    Grasp details of transactions carried out by local staff in Japanese using multibook’s description translation feature and display suspicious transactions as a list with the alert feature. Create an atmosphere where fraud is unlikely to occur by having the manager monitor all transactions!

  • Solving all issues associated with local software use

    Realize multilingual and multi-currency support, improve internal control following local legal requirements of each country, and optimize headquarters reports through Excel input and output features!

  • Centrally manage mission-critical tasks through a system — eliminate inconsistencies and dual input

    Entries are recorded automatically following the movement of things, eliminating the need for dual input; thus, balances will always be consistent! Improve the level of information management for both logistics and accounting!

  • No need for system staff — simplify personnel changes between overseas subsidiaries

    Cloud services require no system staff at each overseas subsidiary! Moreover, multibook will standardize operations and systems of the entire group, simplifying personnel changes between overseas subsidiaries.

Please request a demonstration
if you would like to know more about multibook’s functions
and what can be achieved by multibook.

Utilized by over 400 companies in 30+ countries worldwide

multibook is a cloud-based accounting and ERP service
ideal for overseas subsidiary management.
The service is utilized by many listed and unlisted companies, regardless of industry,
including manufacturing, trading, food and beverage, and construction.

  • Thailand

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • India

  • Myanmar

  • USA

  • Malaysia

  • Netherlands

  • Taiwan

  • Indonesia

  • South Korea

  • Hong Kong

  • Kuwait

  • China

Features of multibook

multibook is unique for being a cloud-based accounting and ERP service specializing
in overseas subsidiary management.


Multilingual and multi-currency support — stress free operation for headquarters and
local subsidiaries

  • System display options include 12 languages* allowing local staff to operate it with ease. Language barriers will be eliminated as headquarters can view the system in Japanese.
  • Cumbersome tasks will be eliminated thanks to multi-currency support, allowing for bookkeeping in local currencies and currency conversion. Headquarters can check global crossing situations in yen.
  • Support for multiple account books allow for adjustment between local accounting standards and Japanese accounting standards (supports IFRS). Simplified difference comparison at headquarters will contribute to optimization of audit measures.

*Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Indonesian

Create documents in local currencies and 12 languages*
Adjust between accounting standards of headquarters and overseas subsidiaries


Centrally manage information for multiple subsidiaries — all modules automatically link and create entries with accounting

  • Centrally manage information for all group companies with overseas bases.
  • Documents recorded for logistics, fixed assets, leased assets, and expense reimbursement are automatically journalized to accounting in real time, eliminating the need for dual entry and realizing operation optimization.

*Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Indonesian


Strengthen internal control from the perspective of headquarters — realize business management and optimize consolidated accounting operations

  • Restrict features according to user authority. Strengthen internal control through document and financial statement approval.
  • Drill down from financial statements to individual documents. Vouchers can be attached to individual documents, and descriptions are automatically translated (into login language) for complete visualization.
  • Compare each subsidiary side by side using the group financial statement feature. Supplementary explanations and materials can be attached to each item line (sales, expenses, etc.) of PL/BS, so there is no need for separate email communication.
  • Clearly grasp the “now” of all overseas businesses and subsidiaries with Management Cockpit.
  • Optimize consolidated accounting operations by linking with consolidated accounting systems (DIVA and BTrex).

Improve internal control with approval functions at the document and financial statement level and user authority settings for each function.
Management accounting features desired by headquarters are also available.


Meet requirements of each country —
for local peace of mind

  • Meet local requirements of each country.
  • Utilize as a bookkeeping software for overseas subsidiaries.

Examples of Country-Specific Accounting and Tax Requirement Features

Examples of Requirement Support for Thailand
Requirement multibook Feature
Withholding Tax Declaration Support PND53 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
Withholding Tax Declaration Support PND3 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
VAT Report FORM PP30
Invoice/Tax Invoice Invoice/Tax Invoice/OR
Billing Note
Credit/Debit Note
Official Receipt Print Receipt for Plural
Stock Card Stock Card
Record documents with rates announced daily by the Central Bank of Thailand Automatic Acquisition of BOT Rates
Examples of Requirement Support for Vietnam
Requirement multibook Feature
Accounting Documents Voucher for Vietnam Journal Voucher for
E-Invoice Linkage Feature Electronic Invoice (Outbound)
Electronic Invoice (Inbound)
VAT Report FORM VAT Report
Examples of Requirement Support for USA
Requirement multibook Feature
Checks Check for America
Examples of Requirement Support for Europe
Requirement multibook Feature
Payment File for SEPA Credit Transfer Automatic Payment for
EC Sales List EC Sales List

*A server is set up in Paris to comply with GDPR for use in the EU.

*Should you have any questions regarding support of requirements in other countries, please contact us.


Linkage with other systems

  • Linkage features including consolidated accounting systems and production management systems are available.
  • Linkage features are currently being enhanced (accepting requests for linkage with specific systems!)
  • In addition to ERP system multibook’s inventory management feature, Logizard ZERO’s distribution warehouse management feature allows accurate, real-time management of actual inventory through the cloud; thus, products can easily be monitored regarding storage location within the warehouse, product details, quantity, and condition (first-rate, second-rate, etc.).

How is multibook different from other ERPs?

multibook Overseas Local Software European/American Cloud Software
(for small bases)
Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support Supports 12 languages and all currencies worldwide Often only available in local languages and English Often only available in English
Features Accounting, fixed asset management, inventory management, expense reimbursement, consolidated accounting linkage, etc. Production management is not available; however, multibook accounting can be automatically linked to production management software. Mainly general accounting features and tax features Mainly accounting features
Country-Specific Requirement Support Equipped with features to meet country-specific requirements in Thailand, Vietnam, Asia, Europe, and expanding Visualization solution for India Tally is also available. Explicitly developed for a specific country; thus, fully supports requirements of said country However, support for other countries’ requirements is not available. Supports requirements for Europe/USA; however, is weaker regarding requirements for Asian countries
Internal Control Authority settings, no modification of posted documents, password expiration management, etc. Various modifications can be made to posted documents. Various modifications can be made to posted documents.
Business Management Real-time understanding of overseas subsidiary status through group financial statements and management cockpit feature Weak reporting feature or difficulty in visualization from overseas. Accounting information only. Weak management accounting, e.g. no department management
Cost Starting from 70,000 yen per month
*Includes maintenance cost of 10,000 yen per month
Outright purchase starting from approximately 100,000 yen Starting from approximately 3,000 yen per month
Base Scale Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with 10,000 or less per month Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with about 100 per month Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with about 100 per month

multibook Implementation Schedule

Unlike large and medium-scale ERPs, multibook can be implemented in two weeks at the earliest.
Implementation can be done entirely remotely, and can be done directly with local subsidiaries as well.

2 weeks at the earliest — standard 1.5 months

*Should you have any inquiries regarding implementation process details or any other matter, please contact us.

multibook Implementation and Support System

All members are bilingual and have experience in supporting overseas expansion for over 20 years.
multibook — with a wealth of experience in SAP implementation —
will thoroughly support your overseas subsidiary management.
We provide a complete support system for smooth multibook implementation and operation.

  • Support from professionals of overseas subsidiary expansion with
    a wealth of experience
    in SAP implementation

    • Professionals experienced in accounting, ERP, and overseas business expansion enable swift and high-quality implementation.
    • Implementation can be done entirely remotely.
  • Full Q&A support

    • We and other partner companies will provide thorough Q&A support.
    • Questions from both Japanese headquarters and overseas subsidiaries in Japanese, English, Thai, etc., will be answered promptly.
    • Operational inquiries by email are free of charge.
  • Optional services

    • We offer paid support for after the go-live (master addition, additional operation training, etc.) and accounting advisory services by partner companies.
      Please contact us for more information.

Thorough Security Measures

  • Data Backup

    To be prepared in case of an accident, we backup the data on a daily basis.

  • Against Unauthorized Access

    Block unauthorized access from outside by firewall.

  • Encrypted Communication

    Prevent the leak of information with encrypted communication using SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) in time of connecting server before it happens.

  • Replication

    Replicate data to other server in real time every time you update data for data protection and early recovery in the case of incident occur.

  • Database Encryption

    Encrypted data is saved to database.

  • Highly Reliable Data Center

    Adopt Amazon Web Service as the data center. AWS is a data center which has plenty of operational experiences in all over the world and achievements certified by a lot of third-party organizations.

multibook Birth Story

Providing global ERP (SAP) implementation for 20 years since foundation

Since our foundation in 2000, we have continued to support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies through global ERP (SAP).

If it doesn’t exist, we should make it ourselves

The development of multibook began when a client from a major company asked us to search for business software that would fit the needs of small and medium-sized overseas subsidiaries. We searched for packaged software that met this request, but all we found were ERP software for large-scale bases and inexpensive local software that lacked features or quality. There was nothing that would fit small and medium-sized bases. So, we thought, “If it doesn’t exist, we should make it ourselves.” In 2015, utilizing our expertise in system consulting in over 30 countries and experience in offshore development in the Philippines, we created a cloud-based accounting and ERP service: multibook.

Founder of Multibook LimitedTadaaki Murayama

Born in Ube, Yamaguchi, in 1968.
Tadaaki graduated from the Department of Economics at Yokohama National University. He joined Unilever Japan in 1991 and participated in Japan’s first SAP implementation project. He then worked at a foreign-capital consulting firm and foreign-capital consumables manufacturer before founding multibook (formerly TD & Company) — specializing in system consulting for global companies — in October 2010.
The self-developed cloud-based ERP system — multibook — was launched in 2015. Including an offshore center in the Philippines, the company has seven overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States.
Tadaaki’s motto is: Business is like holding a bat short and hitting the ball steadily.

Ideas Behind the Development
of multibook

Creating an affordable but high-performance global ERP

Taking advantage of our experience in developing numerous accounting systems, participating in SAP implementation projects, and working overseas, we are continuously enhancing multibook’s features to realize an affordable but uncompromising high-performance global ERP service.
multibook will continue to evolve every day.

CPO of Multibook LimitedKazuo Fukui

Born in Toyonaka, Osaka, in 1970.
Kazuo graduated from the School of Business Administration at Kwansei Gakuin University. He joined Business Brain Showa-Ota Inc. in 1993 and participated in an accounting system development project for ten years. He was then assigned to IBM Business Consulting Services, IBM, and took part in an SAP implementation project for ten years.
In 2012, Kazuo joined Multibook (formerly TD & Company) and worked on an SAP implementation project before experiencing CFO at the Philippine base. He is now in charge of the multibook business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of multibook?

    1. multibook supports multiple languages* and currencies as well as country-specific requirements.
    *Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Indonesian
    2. multibook is equipped with various features, including fixed assets, IFRS16 leased assets, logistics (ordering and inventory management, invoicing, etc.), and expense reimbursement in addition to accounting.
    3. multibook offers a competitive price.
    4. multibook offers optional services that utilize cloud features, such as accounting partner services, after the go-live. (User IDs are provided to accounting consulting companies to offer remote consultation and advice regarding various accounting issues.)
    5. multibook enables rapid expansion and evolution as a genuine cloud service utilizing AWS. (multibook is not a fake cloud service with on-premises software on a cloud server.)

  • What kind of companies use multibook?

    Over 400 Japanese companies utilize our services for their overseas subsidiaries in 30+ countries.
    Our clients range from companies listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with headquarters sales of several trillion yen to small and medium-sized companies that are starting to expand their businesses overseas.
    Our services are utilized in various industries, including manufacturing, trading, food and beverage, construction, and IT services.

  • What operations are covered by multibook?

    multibook is equipped with accounting, fixed asset management, IFRS16 leased asset management, logistics, and expense reimbursement features.

  • How can operations not covered by multibook be handled?

    1. Production Management
    Automatic API linkage to multibook accounting and linkage utilizing the general accounting document upload feature are available. We have a track record of linkage.
    2. Consolidated Accounting
    Linkage features with major consolidated accounting software are available.
    3. Quotations
    Automatic API linkage to multibook orders and linkage utilizing the order document Excel Upload feature are available.

  • Is it possible to proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries?

    multibook or partner bilingual staff can proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries.
    All implementation tasks can be performed remotely via email or web conferences.

  • Is it possible to ask questions directly from overseas subsidiaries after the go-live?

    Questions regarding multibook operation can be asked directly from overseas subsidiaries to our support team (free of charge). We also offer an optional paid support service for additional master settings and various consultations. Please contact us for details.

Please request a demonstration
if you would like to know more about multibook’s functions
and what can be achieved by multibook.