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  • Connecting Local and HQ with Seamless Reporting

Multibook BPO

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  • Payroll and Payments for Your Global Workforce
  • Worldwide Unified HR Management

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multibook is trusted by over 500 companies in more than 30 countries.

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Cloud system + Outsourcing service
Optimizing efficiency and solving talent shortage through standardized processes 

multibook Book Review

  • Withholding Tax Declaration Support (PND 53 FORM)
  • Withholding Tax Declaration Support (PND 3 FORM)
  • VAT Report Form
  • Invoice/Tax Invoice
  • Official Receipt
  • Stock Card
  • Automatic Acquisition of BOT Rates

multibook is a platform where you can learn English and Vietnamese

  • Journal Voucher for
  • Electronic Invoice (Outbound)
    Electronic Invoice (Inbound)
  • VAT Report

Managing Global Offices?
Facing These Hurdles?

Headquarters Issues
  • Oversized System Costs for Your Office's Need

    Small branches struggle with the large ERP used by HQ. 
    They need tailored systems.

  • Struggling with Consolidated Accounting, Overwhelmed by Data Collection, No Time for Analysis

    Mismatched intercompany balances, 
    reclassifying to consolidated accounts, and repeated local queries are hindering fast consolidation.

  • Rising Costs for Bookkeeping Services

    Bookkeeping costs grow with business and entries. 
    We need in-house accounting to cut costs but are wary of a sudden switch.

  • Facing Challenges in Reinforcing Internal Controls across Overseas Offices Ahead of The IPO

    Considering an IPO and require better internal controls for overseas branches but struggling with the approach.

Overseas Subsidiary Issues
  • Uncertain if Fraud is Taking Place

    Local operations are in native languages,
     causing transparency issues and lack of fraud detection.

  • Struggling with Foreign Currency, Business Management, and HQ Reporting 
    Due to Inadequate Local Software

    Current local software falls short on internal controls, 
    HQ reports, Excel compatibility, and multi-language/multi-currency features.

  • Ledger Discrepancies Caused by 
    Off-System Management and Double Entry

    Entering transaction data twice for logistics and accounting is inefficient. 
    Manual data management causes inconsistencies and wastes time.

  • Shortage of IT Staff at Overseas Offices

    Considering a new system but can't place IT staff at each overseas location, unsure about maintenance.

Unlock Global Growth

with the Fastest Cloud ERP

Solving issues at the Japanese headquarters
  • Optimise System Investments 
    Based on Office Size

    Use a large ERP for major branches and multibook for smaller ones, ensuring right-sized investments for effective group management!

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Manual Tasks, 
    Focus on Analysis, and Speed Up Consolidated Accounting

    As soon as bookkeeping finishes, local reports are auto-created, allowing HQ to focus on analysis. This also improves consolidation, enabling faster financial close!

  • Achieve In-House Accounting Confidently,
    Step by Step

    With multibook cloud, handle daily bookkeeping in-house while getting reviews and advice from accounting firms. Achieve internal accounting with confidence!

  • Strengthen Overseas Governance with
    Powerful Internal Control Features

    Use multibook with internal control, permission, and log management to elevate overseas operations to IPO standards!

Solving issues at overseas subsidiaries
  • Create a Secure Environment That Prevents Fraud

    multibook’s translation function lets HQ grasp local transactions in their language. Alerts list suspicious activities, creating an environment where managers oversee everything, preventing fraud!

  • Solve All Challenges of Using Local Software at Overseas Offices

    Strengthen internal controls with multilingual and multi-currency support, complying with local laws. Excel integration streamlines HQ reporting!

  • Centralise Core Operations to Eliminate 

    Ledger Discrepancies and Double Entry

    With auto accounting entries tied to inventory, double entry is gone and balances always match. Enhance logistics and accounting management!

  • No IT Staff Required, Easing Personnel 
    Transfers Between Overseas Offices

    multibook's cloud service eliminates the need for on-site IT staff! Standardize systems across branches for easy personnel moves.

First of all, by using multibook
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Multibook implementation example

Features of multibook

Leading Cloud ERP for Global Operations.

Feature 1

Prioritising SpeedーQuick Setup, Response, and Customer Support

multibook brings transformation to your businesses  challenging global management with our seven promises aspects of 'Speed' and 'Quickness'

The Seven Promises of multibook 

  1. Rapid Decision-Making support
  2. Acceleration of accounting processes
  3. Quick response to customers
  4. Shortened ERP/BPO Implementation Time
  5. Speeding Up new feature development and time to market
  6. Quick adoption and adaptation of the latest knowledge
  7. Stress-free Response Speed

Feature 2

Effortless Operations Across HQ and Local with Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Ledger Support

  • With support for 12 languages*, local staff can operate comfortably, and headquarters can view in their own language, eliminating language barriers.
  • multibook handles multiple currencies, allowing for entries and balance management in any currency globally.
  • Multiple ledger support enables reconciliation between local and HQ (or IFRS) standards and generates financial statements before and after adjustments.

*Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional) (Simplified ), Indonesian

Feature 3

Centralise Global Operations— 
Real-Time Sync Across Accounting, Logistics, and Asset Management

  • Centralised management of all information for group companies with overseas locations.
  • Entries from logistics and fixed asset modules are automatically posted to accounting in real time, eliminating double entry and ensuring ledger consistency.​ ​

Feature 4

Strengthen Global Management with Internal Controls, Enhanced Visibility, and Streamlined Consolidation
​ ​
​ ​

  • Customizable user permissions and approval workflows ensure robust internal controls. 
  • Drill down from financial statements to individual entries. Attach documents and auto-translate descriptions for effective fraud detection.  
  • The group financial statements feature allows side-by-side comparison of each location. Attach explanations and documents directly to P&L/BS line items, eliminating the need for separate emails.
  • Management cockpit provides instant visibility into every global operation.Experience a world where the 
  • Enhance efficiency in consolidated accounting by integrating with DIVA, BTrex, and Money Forward.

Strengthen internal controls, prevent fraud, and expedite consolidated accounting with multibook for your overseas offices.

Feature 5

Cover Your Global Offices, Ensuring Compliance with Local Tax Laws and Business Norms 

  • Adaptable to each country's accounting, tax, and business requirements, making it ideal for international branches.

Examples of Country-Specific Accounting and Tax Requirement Features

Examples of Requirement Support for Thailand
Requirement multibook Feature
Withholding Tax Declaration Support PND53 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
Withholding Tax Declaration Support PND3 FORM Withholding Tax PND Reports
VAT Report FORM PP30
Invoice/Tax Invoice Invoice/Tax Invoice/OR
Billing Note
Credit/Debit Note
Official Receipt Print Receipt for Plural
Stock Card Stock Card
Record documents with rates announced daily by the Central Bank of Thailand
Automatic Acquisition of BOT Rates
Examples of Requirement Support for the Philippines
Requirement multibook Feature
Display of CAS specified items (Business Name, Business Style, Address, VAT REG TIN, etc.) Invoice/Official Receipt
Output CAS-specified ledgers Journal List
Sales/ Purchase Journal List
General Ledger
Financial Statement Output
Stock Ledger
Output of withholding tax form BIR Form (2307)
Output of withholding tax declaration data BIR Interface File (1601EQ)
BIR Interface File (1604E)
Withholding tax input support function Receivables and payables clearing entry (Clear AR and AP)
Withholding tax journal entry list output function Inquire Journal List
Output of VAT declaration data BIR Interface File (2550Q)
Functional currency support (output of financial statements in PHP if the company currency is other than PHP) Financial Statement 3rd
Check printing function Check Printing (PH)
Examples of Requirement Support for Vietnam
Requirement multibook Feature
Accounting Documents Voucher for Vietnam Journal Voucher for
E-Invoice linkage function Electronic Invoice (Outbound)
Electronic Invoice (Inbound)
VAT Report FORM VAT Report
Examples of Requirement Support for USA
Requirement multibook Feature
Checks Check for America
Examples of Requirement Support for Europe
Requirement multibook Feature
Payment File for SEPA Credit Transfer
Automatic Payment for SCT
EC Sales List EC Sales List

*A server is set up in Paris to comply with GDPR for use in the EU.

*Should you have any questions regarding support of requirements in other countries, please contact us.

Feature 6

Powerful Tools to Manage Large-Scale Data

  • With background execution and other features, we ensure smooth operations for handling large data volumes.
  • Even with 10,000+ monthly entries, our system runs smoothly and stress-free.
Countermeasures Overview
Background execution By running processes in the background, we avoid timeout errors and reduce CPU and memory load. This is the method used by large-scale ERPs.
Increased CPU and memory for background execution environment The background execution environment features double the CPU performance and memory compared to standard application servers.
Compression of journal lines in the form When outputting journals and ledgers, entries with identical debit, credit, and key attributes are consolidated, reducing page numbers.
Compression of journal lines in item movement  document 
When posting inventory slips, identical debit, credit, and key attributes are consolidated, reducing the number of entries.

The New Standard in ERP

multibook Global ERP for large enterprise  Overseas local software
Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support Supports 12 languages and all global currencies  Supports multipul languages and currencies worldwide Often only available in the local language or English
Features Accounting, fixed asset management, inventory management, expense reimbursement, consolidated accounting linkage, etc. Production management is not available; however, multibook accounting can be automatically linked to production management software. Supports all core business operations Mainly accounting features
Country-Specific Requirement Supports Equipped with features to meet country-specific requirements in Thailand, Vietnam, Asia, Europe, and expanding visualization solution for India Tally is also available. Although it corresponds to the requirements of each country around the world, there are cases where it does not correspond to detailed requirements. Supports the country requirements of the one country
IFRS Requirement Supports Consolidated financial statement support feature adapted to IFRS16 In many cases, there is no function like multibook that can output consolidated correction journal entries and consolidated annotation information. There is no function like multibook that can output consolidated correction journal entries and consolidated annotation information.
Internal Control Authority settings, no modification of posted documents, password expiration management, etc. All support including authority settings and block function for modifying posted documents. Various modifications can be made to posted documents.
Business Management Real-time understanding of overseas subsidiary status through group financial statements and management cockpit feature Profitability analysis functions and BI analysis functions are available Weak reporting feature or difficulty in
 visualization from overseas.
infrastructure Since it is cloud-based,  infrastructure preparation or personnel is not needed. Infrastructure engineer is required In many cases, server installation and software installation are required.
Implementation You can start using it in as little as two weeks, and implementation will be done remotely. Our company and partner companies can proceed with the implementation directly with local subsideiaries.
We can also support migration to a large-scale global ERP as your company grows.
Usually it takes six months or one year and it's going to be Long-term projects  The limited function range allows you to implement the system easily and shortly.
Speed Not only is the processing response fast, but implementation and customer support are also "fast" and "quick" Long implementation period Processing response is slow
Cost Starting from 70,000 yen per month *Includes maintenance cost of 10,000 yen per month Often requires several hundred million yen Outright purchase with low prices.
Base Scale Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with 10,000 or less per month. Large-scale subsidiaries that can bear the cost of implementation and operational Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with about 100 per month

multibook Implementation Schedule

Fast, Remote Deployment—
Go Live in One Week. Manage global offices directly and effortlessly with a streamlined ERP solution.

Minimum 1 week / Standard 1.5 months

*Should you wish to learn more about the implementation process or have any questions, please contact us.

Effortless Implementation & Expert Support

Backed by 20+ Years of Global Expansion Experience and SAP Expertise, Our Bilingual Team Offers Full Support for multibook's Smooth Deployment and Ongoing Operations. No Delays, No Doubts.

  • Global Expansion Experts with SAP Mastery

    • Professionals experienced in accounting, ERP, and overseas business expansion enable swift and high-quality implementation.
    • Implementation can be done entirely remotely.
  • Ongoing Support for Seamless Operations

    • We offer post-GoLive support plans such as Lite, Standard, and Premier to ensure reliable business operations.
    • The standard plan also includes QA chat tools, web conferencing support, and operational training for new personnel.
    • In addition to the Standard Plan, the Premier Plan provides outsourcing services (Making additions and changes to master data, etc.).
      In addition, we also provide an "Overseas Cloud Accounting Department" service that you can entirely outsource accounting operations of overseas subsidiaries.

Secure and Reliable Protection

  • Data Backup

    Daily backups ensure your data is always safe.

  • Against Unauthorized Access

    Firewalls block unauthorized access and intrusions.

  • Encrypted Communication

    SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)   encryption secures server connections, preventing data leaks.

  • Replication

    Data is mirrored in real-time to another server with each update, ensuring protection and fast recovery during outages.

  • Database Encryption

    Data is encrypted and securely stored in the database.

  • Highly Reliable Data Center

    We use Amazon Web Services for our data center. AWS is globally recognized with extensive operational experience and multiple certifications.


  • What are the advantages of multibook?

    1. multibook supports multiple languages*and currencies as well as country-specific requirements.
    *Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Indonesian
    2. multibook is equipped with various features, including fixed assets, IFRS16 leased assets, logistics (ordering and inventory management, invoicing, etc.), and expense reimbursement in addition to accounting.
    3. multibook offers a competitive price.
    4. multibook offers optional services that utilize cloud features, such as accounting partner services, after the go-live. (User IDs are provided to accounting consulting companies to offer remote consultation and advice regarding various accounting issues.)
    5. multibook enables rapid expansion and evolution as a genuine cloud service utilizing AWS. (multibook is not a fake cloud service with on-premises software on a cloud server.)

  • What kind of companies use multibook?

    It is used by over 500 overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies in over 30 countries.
    Our clients range from first-section listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with head office sales of several trillion yen, to small and medium-sized enterprises that are about to expand overseas.
    Our services are used by customers from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, trading companies, food and beverage, construction, and IT services.

  • What operations are covered by multibook?

    multibook is equipped with accounting, fixed asset management, IFRS16 leased asset management, logistics, and expense reimbursement features.

  • How can operations not covered by multibook be handled?

    1. Production Management
    Automatic API linkage to multibook accounting and linkage utilizing the general accounting document upload feature are available. We have a track record of linkage.
    2. Consolidated Accounting
    Linkage features with major consolidated accounting software are available.
    3. Quotations
    Automatic API linkage to multibook orders and linkage utilizing the order document Excel Upload feature are available.

  • Is it possible to proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries?

    multibook or partner bilingual staff can proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries.
    All implementation tasks can be performed remotely via email or web conferences.

  • Is it possible to ask questions directly from overseas subsidiaries after the go-live?

    Yes. It is possible. We offer a variety of post-operation support plans: Lite, Standard, and Premier, to ensure reliable business operations.
    The standard plan also includes QA chat tools, web conferencing support, and operational training for new personnel.
    For other details, please feel free to contact us.

​ ​

Get a demo to see how multibook can help you achieve more.