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Solving HR issues at overseas subsidiaries
Overseas Cloud HR Department Service

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Manage HR information in the unified system and outsource HR/Payroll operation to expert!

Overseas Cloud HR Department will accelerate your global business.

No more worries about overseas personnel and payroll management
Covering compliance, taxes, and employee benefits in over 100 countries including Japan.
All-in-one platform makes your business run smoothly.

following issues for overseas personel management relevant to you? Are any of the 

Overseas subsidiaries manager

  • Hard to fully focus on sales promotion activities because there are many complicated HR tasks to do
  • Worried about black boxing Worried about black boxing of HR operations
  • Considering the demands of the headquarters and the local situation, limitations arise in decision-making and actions

Headquarter HR staff

  • Catching up to comply with the regulations of each country is complicated and difficult
  • Building a global common evaluation and salary system is required
  • I want to efficiently recruit and manage world-class talent.
  • I want to provide smoother support to overseas assigned employees.

Headquarter HR Manager/Management

  • I want to find hidden talent around the world and recruit them
  • Need to clearly understand the correlation between human capital investment and business performance
  • Need to know how to measure accurately and disclose the value of human capital investment

Overseas Cloud HR Department will solve all issues at once, from the HR and payroll tasks of overseas subsidiaries to the concerns of the headquarters. 

Benefits of overseas subsidiary manager

  • Utilize systems and BPO service to get accurate payroll data instantly
  • Outsource HR and Payroll operations entirely and focus on core business
  • No risk of depending on an individual employee and ensure consistent, high-quality data

Benefits of headquarter HR staff

  • Always up to date with the latest regulations, ensuring reliable compliance
  • Smoothly control global HR data with a Centralized management dashboard
  • Safe employment with background checks
  • All HR tasks of overseas subsidiaries can be outsourced

*Contact us about the countries we support

Benefits of headquarter HR manager/management

  • You can see specifications and locations of personnels at a glance on a global level
  • The correlation between human capital investment and business performance can be checked on the system in real time
  • Check the details of human capital investment in the report and realize strategic HR management

Service Range of HR system


  • Creation and management of Employment Agreement
  • Onboarding management
  • Background check
  • Provision and management of equipment and workspace

HR management

  • Employee list
  • Personal information management
    (Joining date, salary, current address etc.)
  • Compliance document creation
  • Leave application/approval
  • Expense application/approval
  • Coming soonAttendance management


  • Headcount report by country
  • Payroll report by country
  • Global organization chart

Reporting function

Human resource analysis

Analysis report:

  • Manage KPIs such as headcount trends, changes in the number of people joining and leaving the company, retention rate, turnover rate, average length of tenure, etc.
  • Make it possible to analyze correlation with productivity and review business conditions
  • Create customized reports

Service range of  Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services 

Centralized management of payroll processes worldwide with HR outsourcing service, Overseas Cloud HR Department. It makes payroll processing clearer and simpler than ever before.

Before: HR and Payroll services are performed by each of the overseas subsidiaries

  • Increase in personnel costs due to hiring of Payroll managers at each overseas subsidiary
  • Increase costs for outsourcing to accounting firms.
  • Increase in number of people involved make the communication more complex thus it's difficult to understand the situation

After: HR and Payroll services are entirely performed by Overseas Cloud HR Department

  • No need to hire local payroll manager and reduce costs. You can outsource everything from local HR operations to headquarters' HR operations to Overseas Cloud HR Department
  • Centralized management HR platform allows you to  know the information you need in real time
  • Automatic report creation function makes you understand the relationship between human investment and performance instantly

What's special about Overseas Cloud HR Department?

Features general
 BPO service
Overseas cloud
 HR Department
Cover range Only one country
Worldwide services
HR report creation function × ✔︎
Middleman between headquarter and overseas subsidiaries × ✔︎
Linkage with accounting system × ✔︎

Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services service menu details


Managed payroll
  • Payroll calculation
  • Electronic payroll slip
  • Various calculations (gross/net, legal requirements, social security expenses)
  • Change notification, new employment, retirement
  • Change employee personnel data and maintain employee master database
  • Legal compliance
  • Standard & customized reports
Year-end tax adjustment (optional)
  • From employee and employer payroll, all applicable
    Create year-end tax reports and submission documents

Lodgement (social insurance related)

  • Compatible with country specific requirements


  • Payment to employees in each country

Leave (paid leave management)

  • In-house system setting ・Automatic grant of paid leave
  • Approval workflow
  • Standard report

Claim (expense settlement)

  • Expense budget management
  • Multi-step approval workflow
  • Standard report

No risk, no cost.
 Overseas Cloud HR Department manages 
HR more efficiently

Reference (Payroll calculation cost comparison)

To use "Overseas Cloud HR Department Services", only the usage fee is charged.
There is no need for recruitment, training, employment, equipment, etc., thus various risks can be reduced.

In case of hiring a local HR manager in-house

Overseas Cloud HR Department Services

*Calculated at 1 dollar = 150 yen

*Calculated by our company based on JETRO website information

*Assumed case: Hiring a local manager in Singapore. One manager manages 50 users.

We will provide a quote
according to your requirements

Click here for a quote


  • How long will it take for the service to start operating?

    Generally, the service will start operating within 2 to 4 weeks after signing the contract.

  • In which countries is the service available?

    We currently offer our services in over 100 countries.

  • Can it be used at both the head office and overseas subsidearies?

    Yes, it is available at both our headquarters and overseas subsidiaries.

  • In what industries can it be utilized?

    We handle human resources and payroll management in all industries.

  • How is security ensured?

    We have the latest security measures, such as ISMS27001 and SOC2 certification, so you can use our service with confidence

  • Do you have 24/7 customer support?

    Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support.

  • What kind of information is required for payroll calculation?

    Basic employee information is required, including  working hours and other benefits.

  • Is it possible to pay salaries in multiple currencies?

    Yes, we support payroll payments in multiple currencies.

  • Do you also have personnel evaluation and feedback functions?

    Performance management function is planned for development in 2024.

  • How much is the initial cost and monthly cost?

    Costs vary depending on company size and required functionality. Please contact us for more information.

  • How do I cancel the service?

    Please contact customer support and we will process the cancellation smoothly.

  • Do you have a backup of your data?

    Yes, we perform regular data backups.

  • What do you do if a payroll calculation error occurs?

    We have 24/7 support, so we will respond immediately.

  • How long is the contract?

    The shortest contract period is one year, with renewal every year.

  • Can you handle HR operations other than payroll?

    We support a range of HR tasks from joining to leaving the company.

  • Is it possible to access it on mobile?

    Yes, it is mobile-friendly so you can access it from anywhere.

  • Is it possible to set user authority?

    Yes, you can set access restrictions for each authority.

  • Can I manage multiple subsidiaries at once?

    Yes, you can manage multiple subsidiaries with one dashboard.

  • Is data imported automatically?

    Yes, most of the data can be imported automatically.

  • Is customization possible?

    Yes, it can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Why not "entirely" outsource whole HR processes 

if you are struggling with a shortage of HR and payroll staff 
in overseas subsidiaries