Expense Reimbursement Management

Effortless Overseas Expense Reimbursement with multibook

multibook’s expense reimbursement management solution simplifies cumbersome expense reimbursement of overseas subsidiaries — which few specialized software offer overseas support.

You may also choose to use only the expense reimbursement management feature.

Expense Reimbursement Management Features

  • Expense Reimbursement Specify a currency for expense reimbursement in addition to the company currency (Ex. company currency is Thai baht but expense reimbursement is done in Japanese yen).
    Users with no accounting knowledge can input easily, thanks to a format of selecting transactions that pair account titles and taxes.
    Substitute inputters can be set.
    Emails are automatically sent upon application and approval (decline).
  • Invoice Receipt From Vendors In addition to expense reimbursement for employees, we provide a feature for payment requests for invoices received from vendors.
    We also support source input promotion and handling Thailand’s complicated freight forwarder transactions.
  • Approval Steps While the 2 steps of transaction approval and accounting approval are the basis, you can also add another approver for transaction approval for each transaction as necessary. Easily specify the approver with approval route master and approval route assignment master.
    Realize automatic linkage to accounting feature upon accounting approval in real time.

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