Realize real-time and
cross-organization inventory confirmation
for each overseas subsidiary!

Manage inventory with moving average and
FIFO inventory valuation methods.
Cover Order to Cash, Procure to Payment processes.
Support your business with seamless linkage
with profitability analysis and accounting.

Over 200 companies in 25 countries are using our services!

Are any of the following issues for
overseas subsidiary inventory management
relevant to you?

  • Difficulty grasping real-time inventory status of each subsidiary.
  • Incorrect information occurs due to inventory management by Excel or other methods outside of the system.
  • Dual entry of inventory management information and balance inconsistencies between accounting ledgers occur due to a lack of automatic linkage with accounting information.
  • Uncertainty regarding appropriate inventory management software for smaller overseas subsidiaries.

Rapidly boost (in 1 week at earliest) subsidiary management satisfaction level to 70%with multibook!

If you are troubled by the issues above,
your inventory management task level is 20-30 out of 100.
Disregarding the situation may lead to internal fraud,
excess inventory due to inconsistencies, and other issues.

You may also choose to use only the logistics feature.
How about implementing multibook short-term to start
reforming your subsidiary management?

multibook Logistics Feature
Coverage Range

multibook’s logistics feature includes sales management, purchasing management, and inventory management features, with all information linked to the accounting side in real time.
Automatic linkage to other systems such as production management systems is also possible using automatic API linkage.

Business Flow Example of​
multibook Logistics Feature Implementation

  • External Tasks
  • multibook
  • multibook Document Output


Issue 01:Unit price error due to unit price management outside of the system.Issue 02:Fraud due to unit price management outside of the system. Issue 03:Low inventory management accuracy due to management outside of the system, and no visualization of the entire group’s inventory status.Issue 04:Dual entry due to separate registration/management of accounting and logistics information, and consequent inconsistencies between ledgers.


Issue 01:Manage unit price master with the system. Realize zero mistakes with automatic price suggestions.Issue 02:Realize zero fraud and mistakes with the approval feature.Issue 03:Grasp global inventory status accurately in real time.Advance inventory optimization of the entire group.Issue 04:Realize zero dual entry and mistakes as accounting entries are made automatically and simultaneously with logistics information input.Thus, logistics and accounting information will always be consistent.

Features of multibook


See inventory balances and amounts for each location in real time from headquarters in addition to from local subsidiaries

Headquarters must confirm with each subsidiary by phone, email, or FAX regarding inventory amounts or balances

Each base can see inventory amounts or balances updated in real time from multibook as necessary


Logistics and accounting recording are fully linked, so there is no need for dual entry, and balances are always consistent​

  • 01 Logistics personnel ships inventory
  • 02 Logistics personnel enters shipping information into the system, information is communicated to accounting through writing or email
  • 03 Accounting personnel makes accounting entries based on information received from logistics personnel
  • 04 Headquarters regularly checks consistency between inventory and accounting ledgers
Automatic Accounting Journal Entries. Always Consistent Accounting Ledgers.

Simply input shipping information to multibook to simultaneously record accounting entries, eliminating the need for dual entry!
No more worries about accounting omissions.


Multilingual, multi-currency, and local law requirement support allows overseas subsidiary use with peace of mind

*Click here to learn more about local law requirements that are supported.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Korean
  • Burmese
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian

Global ERP & Overseas Local Software Comparison

multibook is the best solution for rapidly solving overseas subsidiary issues
with reasonable costs, not only for accounting, but also in the logistics field.

multibook Large-Scale Global ERP Overseas Local Software
Multilingual and Multi-
Currency Support
Supports 12 languages Supports all languages Often only available in the local language or English
Multi-Currency Support Supports all currencies Supports all currencies Often only supports the local currency
Logistics and Accounting Consistency Accounting ledgers are always consistent thanks to real-time information linkage from logistics to accounting Accounting ledgers are always consistent thanks to real-time information linkage from logistics to accounting Logistics and accounting are managed separately
Inventory Visualization Realizes global inventory visualization Realizes global inventory visualization Only allows inventory management of local bases
Business Management Equipped with multiple business management support features Equipped with multiple business management support features Does not support global profitability analysis
Country Requirements Supports local requirements, such as Thailand’s stock card, etc., in addition to accounting Supports requirements for global countries; however, may not support detailed requirements Only supports the concerned country’s local requirements
Functional Range Supports Order to Cash, Procure to Payment; however, production management is out of range (linkage is possible) Supports all tasks Often only few logistics features
Internal Control Realizes internal control with authority settings and approval features Realizes internal control with authority settings and approval features Weak internal control features
Implementation Period Implemented in 1 week at earliest Implemented in 6 months to 1 year with a long-term project Often implemented in a short period of time
Initial Implementation Operational Cost Starting from several ten thousand yen per month Often requires several hundred million yen investment Low price due to frequent individual feature sales
Base Scale Number of documents per month: intended for use at subsidiaries with 10,000 or less per month Large-scale subsidiaries that can cover implementation and operational costs Number of documents per month: subsidiaries with 100 per month

You may also choose to use only the logistics feature.
Should you wish to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

Logistics Solution Features

  • Sales Order / Shipping / Invoicing Manage backlog.
    Manage sales unit price with unit price master. Lots are suggested automatically at shipping when the valuation method is FIFO.
    Record shipping documents and invoice documents simultaneously with sales order document confirmation.
  • Purchase Order / Storage / Vendor Invoice Manage outstanding orders.
    Manage purchase unit price with unit price master. Output purchase orders.
    Record storage documents and vendor invoice documents simultaneously with purchase order document reference.
  • Inventory Management Choose from moving average or FIFO inventory valuation methods.
    Use features that support standard cost.
    See real-time inventory amounts and balances as everything is processed in real time.
  • Country-Specific Requirements Output Stock Cards, required reports for Thailand equivalent to inventory receipt and payment ledgers.
  • Profitability Analysis Output profitability analysis reports by item, by customer, by item and customer, and by sales order based on seamless real-time linkage with accounting using a perpetual inventory method, a must for ERPs.


You may also choose to use only the logistics feature.
Should you wish to learn more about specific pricing appropriate for your business tasks,
please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will it be possible to start using the logistics feature after applying?

    It is possible to go live in 1 week at earliest. Generally, it will depend on the preparation time for setting up master data information (items, customers, etc.) in multibook.

  • Is it possible to see a demonstration of the logistics feature?

    In addition to the demonstrations at seminars and webinars, you can contact us directly for demonstration requests and we will conduct a demonstration for you. Please apply for demonstration requests here.

  • Does the logistics feature support internal control?

    With order approval features, you can restrict the output of unapproved purchase orders and shipping/invoicing. You can also approve the invoicing itself, restricting the output of unapproved invoices, as well as storage and shipping documents (limit as needed to specific transactions such as disposal).

  • How can multibook be utilized by companies with multiple subsidiaries?

    You can use the same large-scale ERPs as headquarters for large-scale subsidiaries, and use multibook for all other subsidiaries (mainly abroad) to utilize multibook as a second standard system.

  • How can the production management field not covered by multibook be handled?

    Linkage utilizing automatic API linkage is possible, and we have a track record of linkage.

  • Is it necessary to combine the logistics feature with the accounting feature?

    You may choose to use only the logistics feature. Should you wish to see an overview of the accounting feature, etc.

  • Is it possible to proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries?

    multibook or partner bilingual staff can proceed with implementation directly with overseas subsidiaries. All implementation tasks can be performed remotely via email or web conferences.

  • Is it possible to ask questions directly from overseas subsidiaries after the go-live?

    Questions regarding multibook operation can be asked directly from overseas subsidiaries to our support team (free of charge). We also offer an optional paid support service for additional master settings and various consultations. Please contact us for details.

  • Is it possible to develop original forms for external documents (invoices, purchase orders)?

    Yes. Specific formatting for documents will require a fee.

  • Is it possible to manage purchase order price and sales unit price in master?

    Purchase order price and sales unit price can be managed in master. Sales unit price can be set up by item/customer group.

  • Is it possible to manage lots for storage and shipping?

    Yes. Apply information such as serial numbers, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, shipping destinations, etc., by lot.

  • Is it possible to register multiple sales order documents at once?

    Yes. In addition to individual registration of various documents other than sales documents, you can also register multiple documents at once from Excel files.

  • Do you support local legal requirements?

    We support legal requirements for Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, and Europe. Please see details here.

Please feel free to contact us
if you are having trouble
with overseas subsidiary management.