Fixed Asset Management

While a simple feature supporting only the straight-line method, it supports daily depreciation, and assists the optimization of overseas subsidiary fixed asset management with a fixed asset management feature that can predict future depreciation.​

multibook’s fixed asset management solution supports the optimization of overseas subsidiary fixed asset management, leaving behind Excel management — which is still common in overseas subsidiaries.

You may also choose to use only the fixed asset management feature.

Fixed Asset Management Solution Features

  • Fixed Asset Management Manage each asset with the fixed asset master. Determine the asset account, with or without depreciation, service life (changeable for each fixed asset), and residual value (changeable for each fixed asset), depending on the fixed asset category. Fixed asset master and obtained documents can be registered at once from Excel data.
  • Depreciation Monthly depreciation is automatically conducted with the push of a button, automatically posting journals. To support additional depreciation, we also provide a voluntary depreciation feature. We will support your budget/planning tasks with a future depreciation calculation/report feature. With an increased need for impairment due to the coronavirus situation, we received many requests and thus have also released an impairment feature.
  • Acquisition of additional fixed assets for the previous year In many countries, it is common for audits after closing to take several months and for fixed asset recordings to be pointed out. To handle such situations, we provide an acquisition of additional fixed assets feature for the previous year.

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