We provide an accounting solution that meets
local legal requirements, business practices,
and enterprise accounting management needs

multibook’s accounting solution is utilized in 30+ countries worldwide.
We support the strengthening of overseas subsidiary management, acceleration of accounting, fraud prevention, and work efficiency.

multibook’s accounting solution is seamlessly integrated with multibook’s logistics, fixed asset management, IFRS16 leased asset management, and expense reimbursement management.
You may also choose to use only the accounting feature.

Accounting Solution Features

  • General Ledger Efficiently record accounting documents with various task-fitting methods.
    Attach vouchers to accounting documents and receive internal audit support.
    Manage account balances by client, by department, by currency, etc.
  • Control / Budget Control Receive headquarters business management support with group financial statement and financial statement approval features.
    Output by-department and by-project PL with the allocation feature.
    Manage multiple budgets (initial, revised, outlook, etc.).
  • Account Receivable / Account Payable Manage balances by customer and reconciliations at the invoice level.
    Receive support for managing delayed receivables and accounts receivables aging.
  • Fund Management Predict cash management based on current account balance, taking into account expected activity for receivables and payables, including unrecorded items.
  • Country-Specific Requirements Receive support for country-specific requirements, including for Thailand, where requirements are strict and complicated, and Vietnam.
    Country-specific requirement features are expanded daily.
  • External System Linkage Linkage is available for consolidated accounting systems such as DIVA and BTrex.
    Receive support for external systems for provisional document API and general accounting document input/output.
    External system linkage will continue to be vigorously improved.

Please feel free to contact us
if you are having trouble
with overseas subsidiary management.