Trading/Sales Company Feature

Optimize troublesome document processing
characteristic of trading/sales companies

Visually display the flow of all documents from sales and
purchase orders to invoicing.
Visualize profit and loss by sales order transactions and
the consistency between documents.

Are any of the following issues for trading/sales company operation processes relevant to you?

  • 1


    Inputting countless necessary documents
    for each transaction is a burden

    Inputting countless documents for each transaction, including sales orders, purchase orders, storage, shipping, invoicing, and vendor invoices, is a heavy burden.

  • 2


    Uncertainty regarding proper enforcement of document processing after sales orders without omission
    — time and effort is required for confirmation

    Checking the progress of individual processes after sales orders, including purchase orders and shipping from vendors, requires time and effort due to cross-departmental confirmation by phone or email.

  • 3


    Uncertainty regarding profit and loss for each sales order

    You want to confirm the profit of individual transactions; however, this requires time and effort due to the necessity of totaling documents associated to sales orders.

multibook optimizes trading/sales company document processing with a
document input burden reducing feature and a document flow visualization feature!

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    Significantly reduce the document processing burden
    with an automatic suggestion feature

    Linking common items for each document will save the hassle of entering the same item multiple times. Easily register purchase order documents by referring to sales order documents, and shipping documents by referring to storage documents.
    We also provide an automatic supplier suggestion feature when registering purchase documents.

  • 2


    See the progress of each transaction at a glance with a document flow visualization feature

    Starting with sales order documents, the flow of subsequent documents is visualized, allowing you to instantly understand the processing status of documents. Moreover, you can also use the document flow as a portal to move to individual documents, approve documents, or create subsequent documents.

  • 3


    Easily grasp profit of each sales order

    Easily check profits of individual sales orders by obtaining sales and cost of sales from transaction information associated with sales orders in the document flow and displaying gross profit and gross profit margin.

Example of multibook
Trade/Sales Company Feature

Business Flow Example of
Trade/Sales Company Feature Implementation

Visualize documents/processing status
from sales orders to purchase orders, storage, shipping, vendor invoice,
payment, invoicing, and customer payment with multibook!
Easy access to individual documents and subsequent processing!

Visualize documents and
processing status of operations
with multibook document flow

All customers using the logistics feature,
not limited to trading/sales companies,
can use the document flow feature.

Point 1

Check amount

  • Check the consistency of amounts for sales orders and invoices.
  • If purchase orders are linked to sales orders, you can also check the consistency of amounts for purchase orders and supplier invoices.

Point 2

Check gross profit and
gross profit margins for each sales order

  • Check gross profit and gross profit margins for each sales order when invoices are created and sales and cost of sales are recorded.

Point 3

Check dates and status
of each document

  • Check dates and status of each document on one screen.
    You can also see approval status if you are using the approval feature.

Point 4

Move from each document directly to other
features, including confirmation, approval,
and subsequent document creation

  • In addition to accessing document details and approving documents directly from the list, you can also register subsequent documents.

Point 5

See storage/shipping and invoice
connections with original orders even when
deliveries are made in installments

  • Maintain connection with original orders even when deliveries are made in installments to manage subsequent processing

You may also choose to use
only the trading/sales company feature (logistics feature).
Should you wish to learn more, please feel free to contact us.