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Function Detail

1. Plenty Methods of Entering Journal Documents

multibook has plenty methods of entering (posting) a journal document.
It allows you to enter a journal document effectively by choosing the best way for each operation.

Function Content Example
Direct Input ACGL110 Enter Journal Document
ACGL115 Enter Journal Document (Dr./Cr.)
As complete posting (Entering Journal Document → Post Button), reflects the result to Journal Document, Balance and AC/AP. Only 1 person is in charge of Accounting
ACSP120 Update Suspense Journal Document It allows posting a journal document by completing the process (Enter → Approve → Post). Until posting a journal document, it is possible to make a correction of G/L account and amount. Posting journal documents with manager’s approval
ACAR110 Clear AR and AP Use this function in case of Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable are settled (Receipt of Money/Payment). Complete the journal by selecting AR or AP line items and enter contra account manually. At the time of settling AP or AR
ACGL160 Reverse Document In the case of founding error after posting journal document, you can post reverse document by using this function. At the time of finding error on posting
EXCEL Upload ACGL120 Journal Documents Excel Upload Enter journal documents on Excel upload format file (Download from manual website) and upload mass journal documents and post all of them at once. Payroll Journal, allocation Journal, multiple items, Recurring Journal
EXAC210 Journal Documents General Upload This is similar to “Journal Documents Excel Upload”, but this allows you to set format in master. Import journal from other system
EXAC220 Suspense Journal Documents General Upload This is similar to “Journal Documents General Upload”, but there is a necessity of approving the uploaded journals by using “Update Suspense Journal Document” since they are saved as suspense journal documents. Import journal from other system
Auto Recording Auto Recording from Logistics,
Fixed Asset and Expense Reimbursement Module
Account journal documents would post automatically by the time when you post other documents such as item movement, invoice, vendor invoice, increase decrease amount and FA transaction documents. Double entry would not occur. Auto recording within multibook
Recording Suspense Journal Document with API It is possible to record suspense journal document automatically from other system such as Production Control. Import journal from other system
Import by Using Scanner It is possible to create suspense journal document with voucher’s PDF by scanning and importing the voucher in multibook. Bookkeeping service by accounting firm

2. Plenty Functions of Inquiry and Report

multibook has plenty functions inquiry and report.
Also, when you inquire some type of list, it is possible to easily download it as EXCEL file with one click.

Function Content
G/L ACGL140 Inquire Journal Document Inquire individual journal document.
ACGL150 Journal Voucher Print out the accounting journal document that you enter as voucher.
ACGL210 Inquire GL Balance Inquire GL balance data by GL account cod with following fields, such as Biz Partner, Department, Segment, Currency and so on. It is possible to drill down to “Inquire GL Details” to check details of them.
ACGL250 Inquire GL Details There are General Ledger base or Journal List base. It is possible to use for inquiring GL balance data’s detail and searching a list of journal documents that matches search criteria.
ACGL410 Journal List Use to print out Journal List.
ACGL450 General Ledger Use to print out General Ledger. If you choose Excel List for output, you could download it with Excel format.
ACGL510 Tax List Download all the details that are related to VAT.
ACGL620 Financial Statement Outputting BS, PL or Trial Balance. It is possible to set multiple formats for BS and PL in master. You can download them by PDF or EXCEL. In the case of downloading by EXCEL, it shows not only the month but also the change by month within the year.
ACGL280 Inquire Financial Statement It is possible to inquire transition of BS and PL by months without downloading Excel or PDF. Also it is possible to drill down to check the details.
ACGL640 Cash Flow Statement (Direct) Output Cash Flow Statement (Direct). Define the format and formula separately in master.
Management Accounting ACGL810 Group Financial Statement It allows to display BS and PL of each subsidiaries and related companies and drill down to individual journal document as well. Also, it is possible to inquire additional explanations (ex. the reason of sales increment) that are updated by “Balance Status”.
ACGL820 Balance Status The person in charge of accountant at subsidiaries enter additional explanations for each PL and BS item.
ACGL830 Balance Status and FS Approval Subsidiaries’ CFO or accountant manager approve the PL and BS for the month.
ACCO110 Maintain Allocation Rule Set allocation rule for department and D. Spare1 (ex. project)
ACCO120 Allocation Allocate for department and D. Spare1 (ex. project)
ACGL710 PL by Department Output PL by department.
ACGL720 PL by D. Spare1 Output PL by D. Spare1 (Use it as project and so on.)
ACBU110 Budget Update It is possible to upload the budget by following step.
  • Download business performance of past years
  • Correct it based on policy of next year
  • Upload the file
multibook has version of budget, so it is possible to set multiple type of budget.
Cash Flow Forecast
ACAR210 Inquire AR Balance Inquire the balance by General Ledger(AR Account) by biz partner at the specified date.
ACAR250 Inquire AR Details Inquire unsettled AR details (invoice) at the specific date. Also, it is possible to check over due AR by using this function.
ACAR260 Inquire AR Aging Inquire age of AR that shows which period the AR occurred at the specific date.
ACAR310 AR Ledger Output AR Ledger by biz partner.
ACAP210 Inquire AP Balance Inquire the balance by General Ledger (AP Account) by biz partner at the specified date.
ACAP250 Inquire AP Details Inquire unsettled AP details (invoice) at the specific date.
ACAP310 AP Ledger Output AP Ledger by biz partner.
ACGL260 Inquire Cash Flow Inquire future cash flow forecast by bank account based on deposit and withdrawal expected day of AP/AR. It is possible to reflect the expected deposit and withdrawal that are not posted as AP/AR by posting the additional information of it separately.
Fixed Asset FACM310 Fixed Asset Ledger Execute a ledger of each fixed asset number.
FACM320 Inquire FA Document Inquire a list of fixed asset documents that meets fixed asset transaction (Acquisition/Disposal/Sales/Transfer) document condition that you choose.
FACM330 Inquire Depreciation Detail Inquire a list of depreciation documents.
FACM340 Depreciation Plan Inquire depreciation cost of future (1year, 2years and 3years).
Logistics SLSO130 Inquire Sales Order Document Inquire a list of sales order documents and individual ones. Also, able to inquire backlog.
SLPU130 Inquire Purchase Order Document Inquire a list of purchase order documents and individual ones. Also, able to inquire unreceived order.
SLPU140 Purchase Order Execute purchase order to a vendor.
SLMM210 Stock Ledger Execute stock ledger.
SLMM220 Inquire Inventory Quantity and Balance Inquire inventory quantity and balance by some kinds of perspective, such as item, site, storage place and lot.
SLMM230 Inquire Item Movement Document Inquire a list of item movement documents and individual ones. Also, able to inquire backlog.
SLMM250 Goods Issue Voucher Execute goods issue document as voucher. It is used as a shipping instruction.
SLSA120 Inquire Invoice Document Inquire a list of invoice documents and individual ones. Also, able to inquire backlog.
SLSA130 Invoice Execute invoice to a customer.
SLVI120 Inquire Vendor Invoice Document Inquire a list of vendor invoice documents (AP recorded document) and individual ones.

Logistics Function

1. Realtime ERP

Logistics function and accounting function synchronized real time. Accounting journal document is generated automatically when entering Goods Receipt Doc., Goods Issue Doc. and Invoice doc. Account balance of General Ledger and Stock Ledger always match.

【Purchase Order – Post AP】
【Sales Order – Post AR】

2. Valuate Inventory with Moving Average Method and FIFO

multibook has prepared “Moving Average Method” and “FIFO” as method of inventory valuation.


  • Site, Storage Place, and Lot No. is prepared to manage inventory.
  • Site is set under Company, it is used as the unit for calculating the stock price and for specifying Inventory account.
  • Only quantity is managed under Storage Place.

【Stock Price】

  • “Moving Average Price” and “FIFO” can be selected as Inventory valuation method.
  • Stock Price is calculated by Item and Site regarding “Moving Average Price”.
  • Stock Price is calculated by Item, Site, and Lot No regarding “FIFO”.

【Inventory quantity, balance】

  • Not only current inventory quantity and balance, but also the ones at the past month are kept in the tables. It makes possible to show the inventory balance and quantity at the past month.

Country Specification

Support various countries’ specification

multibook support various countries’ specific requirements (We add and improve those functions daily basis.)

Ex. Thai PND53 Form
Function Contents
Country Specific Function ACTH110 Withholding Tax PND Reports Execute withholding tax PND reports of Thai.
ACTH130 PP30 Execute VAT report of Thai.
ACTH140 Invoice/Tax Invoice/OR Execute Tax Invoice and Official Receipt of Thai.
ACTH150 Print Receipt for Plural Invoices Execute Official Receipt for plural invoices in Thai.
ACTH160 Billing Note Execute billing note in Thai.
SLTH110 Stock Card Execute Stock Card that is specific requirement in Thai.
SLSA140 Credit/Debit Note Execute Credit Note and Debit Note that are used in Thai.
ACTH170 Bank Interface Create bank transfer data of Thai.
Automatic BOT Rate Acquisition Acquire exchange rate from BOT (Bank of Thailand).
ACPH110 Invoice Execute a invoice that is used in countries like Philippines.
ACPH120 Official Receipt Execute an official receipt that is used in countries like Philippines.
ACVN110 Journal Voucher for Vietnam Execute voucher of accounting document that is used in Vietnam.
ACEU120 EC Sales List Execute a report for tax that is used in Europe.
ACEU110 Automatic Payment for SCT Format Create bank transfer data of Europe.
ACJP110 Automatic Payment for Zenginkyo Format Create bank transfer data of Japan.

Lease Asset IFRS 16

About IFRS 16

IFRS 16 introduces a single lessee accounting model and requires a lessee to recognize assets and liabilities for all leases with a term of more than 12 months, unless the underlying asset is of low value. A lessee is required to recognize a right-of-use asset representing its right to use the underlying leased asset and a lease liability representing its obligation to make lease payments.

Requires functions assumed in accounting (fixed asset) software

  • Leased asset master (name, location, lease amount, division and so on)
  • Transaction of acquisition and post journal document (Right of used asset/Lease obligations amount, Post date = Lease start date)
  • Post monthly journal document by leased asset (Depreciation amount·Interest)
  • Transaction of cancellation and impairment and post journal document
  • Support exemption (Short and small lease)
  • Support transferring during period
  • Leased asset ledger and list of transaction
  • Simulation of depreciation and interest (Help budgeting)

multibook has released the functions below in December of 2019

  1. Leased asset update & simulation (update master & help budgeting)
  2. leased asset Excel upload (update master・automatic calculation & register)
  3. Leased asset monthly journal excel upload file (help registering journal document)
Functions Contents
IFRS 16 Leased Asset Leased asset update & simulation Manage leased asset with this function and possible to simulate depreciation and so on by year. It also automatically calculate right of use asset amount and lease obligations amount
Leased asset Excel upload Update leased asset master, basic data and amount by year (month) by Excel upload.
Amount by year (month) can also be created automatically according to basic data.
Leased asset monthly journal excel upload file The journal file for posting Lease Obligations Pay Back, Interest, and Depreciation monthly for ACGL120 Journal Document Excel Upload can be output. Confirm the file, then upload this file by ACGL120 Journal Document Excel Upload.