Comprehensive Solutions for Global Accounting Challenges 
at Local Offices and Headquarters!

Overseas Cloud Accounting Department

~ multibook outsourcing ~

Global Cloud Accounting Department lets you 

fully outsource accounting tasks for local subsidiaries 
and HQ's overseas needs.

Rely on us for seamless accounting outsourcing across the globe.

Facing challenges with overseas subsidiary accounting or managing global branch finances from headquarters?

Overseas Subsidiaries

  • Accounting talent is hard to find and expensive

  • Hard to hire, harder to retain

  • Global accounting and tax rules are hard to grasp

  • Swamped with HQ reporting

The barrier between HQ and local offices

Head Office

  • Monthly reports take too long

  • Can't track mid-month performance  

  • Insufficient tools and know-how for fraud risk

  • Lacking communication with local teams

“ Overseas Cloud Accounting Department ”

We take care of accounting for both your local subsidiaries and HQ, 

addressing all your global accounting needs.

Overseas Subsidiaries

Little accounting team needed

  • No need to hire local accounting personnel
  • No need to worry about human resource development and retention

Immediate overseas local response & head office reporting

  • Overseas Cloud Accounting Department will take care of everything like the legal requirements of each country and reporting to headquarters   

Share/monitor status in the cloud
, multibook ERP

Head Office

Timely reporting
 & monitoring

  • Monthly performance can be grasped in real time
  • Monthly reports can also be obtained in real time

Multilingual multicurrency 

  • Overseas Cloud Accounting Department with extensive knowledge prevents fraud and manages riks
  • "Entirely" takes care of communication with local members
    No need to worry about language barriers

Service Range

Multibook’s Global Cloud Accounting Department handles your accounting tasks and more. 

We manage everything from basic bookkeeping to local communications, consolidated data, and detailed HQ reports.  


We “entirely” handle accounting and business management tasks for overseas subsidiaries that are necessary at the head office! In addition to bookkeeping work, we entirely handle accounting operation for overseas subsidiaries overseas subsidiaries managers concentrate on sales and manufacturing operations!

Key Features of Global Cloud Accounting Department

Global Cloud Accounting Department allows you to handle overseas accounting 

 without employing local accounting staff.

  • 1

    The multibook platform, supporting accounting operations in 30 countries, and a special accounting team will conduct accounting operations for you.

  • 2

    By utilizing an original ERP system and accounting operation know-how for various countries, we support multilingual local communication,
    headquarters reports, and internal control.

  • 3

    A special accounting team will create various  reports and respond to detailed inquiries requested by the head office for you.

Begin operation in approximately 2 months

  • Assessment

    We will understand customer goals and research/suggest the range of coverage.

  • Suggestion, Estimation, and Contract

    We will suggest and make an estimate for operations fit for you. After adjustment with the customer, we will proceed to contracting.

  • Construction Work

    We will build an environment that is appropriate for your contract, define reports, and create checklists, etc.

  • Begin Operation

    A special accounting department will take care of your accounting operations.

  • Continue

    We will continue improvements to optimize operations.

Accounting Operations Service Menu

We will combine and suggest menus according to your situation to conduct accounting operations as if they were in-house

  • General Accounting

    Journal posting, by-vendor management, by-department management, by-project management, closing reviews & advice, monthly closing, etc.

  • Payables/ Payment Management

    Payables posting, payment processing (payables clearing), payables clearing management, payment preparation, etc.
    (payment execution is not subject in principle)

  • Invoice/ Receivables/ Receipt Management  

    Receivables posting, issuing of invoices, receipt processing (receivables clearing),
    issuing of invoices, receivables clearing management, overdue receivables list creation, etc.

  • Headquarters operations

    Headquarters reports, confirmation, answering inquiries from headquarters, consolidated accounting adjustment, consolidated accounting data preparation (accounting information/non-accounting information) confirmation, answering auditor inquiries, etc.

  • Bank Account Management

    Bank account information and system balance comparison

  • Various Declaration Operations

    Tax matters, VAT/withholding tax, support for declaration of corporate tax, etc. (provided by partner accounting firm)

Consulting Services
 Menu Example

In addition to taking care of accounting operations,
we can also provide separate services for  operations requiring advanced expertise. 

Service Service Overview
Declaration operations regarding corporate-related taxes Corporate tax declaration, GST (value-added tax) declaration, declaration for income tax of employees stationed abroad, etc.
International tax matters
(withholding tax, deduction of foreign tax, transfer pricing taxation)
Tax planning of the entire group, documentation support in preparation for transfer pricing taxation, handling of withholding tax, etc.
Fraud investigation, internal control related consulting Fraud investigation including subsidiaries and affiliated companies, internal control consulting
M&A related advisory services Financial advisory, valuation, due diligence, etc., by an M&A professional

*We will introduce a partner accounting firm or consultant.

Why not “entirely” outsource everything
 from local subsidiary accounting operations to headquarters’ overseas subsidiary-related operations?