External system linkage 

multibook Continually Expands Integrations, Building a Unified Group Management Ecosystem.

We offer a variety of external system linkage  functions, including a consolidated accounting system and production control system etc.

multi book is linked with Production Management software, EXCEL, personnel/employment contracts, consolidated accounting software, business systems, banking systems, warehouse management systems, and accounting BI software.

In addition to inventory management function of multibook,
Logizard ZERO’s distribution warehouse management feature allows accurate, real-time management of actual inventory through the cloud; thus, products can easily be monitored regarding storage location within the warehouse, product details, quantity, and condition (first-rate, second-rate, etc.).

Relationship between multibook and Logizard ZERO

Accepting requests for linkage with specific systems!
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate with us.

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